Welcome To The Temple

A temple is considered to an embodiment of purity and sanctity. So is not only to nourish but also to instil and infuse the nourishment in every child. The Temple - School is a place of worship for education, progress and growth of every individual associated with us-be it a teacher or a child.

Right to Education is one of the fundamental rights of our Constitution. In The Temple - School,we believe in "Right to Education in Right way and Direction."

We at Temple - School believe that every child is special and possesses talent. we hone the inborn talent of a child and mould it in such a way to give bright and successful life in future and recongnition in the society.we aim at making right things and making things right.

The Temple -School aims at developing and educationg the children from grassa root level.we believe in not just teaching the curriculum but provide progressive education necessary for the development and balance of all the five senses, especially the mind.

The Temple - School teaches recognized syllabus. Education at Temple is given as package including extra-curricular activities like games and sports,fine arts, computers encompassing values and morals necessary for a child to become a responsible citizen.